Internship Training

Internship training for men is by far the most important focus of XL Ministries, Inc. We clearly see the need to provide intense and thorough internships for men who believe God is calling them into ministry. We have developed a two-year internship program for such men.

This internship program includes Bible study, Scripture memory, theological training, general reading and writing assignments, as well as involvement in virtually every aspect of ministry. The intern's involvement in every area is carefully and formally evaluated. The first year the intern works under the very close direction of the specific pastor who is overseeing the ministry. During the second year he has many opportunities to be "in charge" of various aspects of ministry, while remaining under the pastor's supervision.

Following the successful completion of the internship, we provide a recommendation and ongoing encouragement as the intern seeks full-time ministry opportunities. It is our desire that those who graduate from the program will be committed to providing training opportunities for others.

Applications for the internship program are available from XL Ministries, Inc. The application includes a detailed list of requirements for successful completion. The men who apply must be in agreement with our doctrinal statement. Interns are able to work during the training. There is generally no financial remuneration during their training. There is a requirement to acquire resources during the two years, totaling about $1,000.

Pastors are welcome to apply to provide the XL Ministries, Inc. Internship Training. A personal commitment to the Lord, to the local church, and to ministry is essential. The church where the internship takes place must also be supportive of this program. All interns proposed for a church are presented to the church leadership for their approval.

It is essential that the church has a pastor who directly oversees and evaluates the intern. Please contact XL Ministries, Inc. by clicking here if you are interested in applying as an intern or applying to provide internship training in your church. We will provide information for your consideration.